About Us

What is the Wellington Dentists Guide?

The Wellington Dental Association (WDA) is a member of the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA), which proudly represents dental professionals throughout the country who choose to belong.

The WDA and the NZDA offer professional development and networking opportunities for their members. This includes knowledge sharing, as well as trusted representation and liaison with central and local government and other important groups, organisations and entities such as:

  • schools and universities
  • health science professionals
  • dental associations worldwide
  • ACC and NZDHB
  • allied professions
  • dental students

In consultation with our members, we set benchmarks and standards for accessible prevention and treatment in our communities. We provide advocacy for water fluoridation and promote oral health to New Zealanders. WDA and NZDA promote oral health through brochures and information resources available at dental surgeries and other medical facilities, as well as through:

  • teaching guides
  • wide range of media
  • patient information & resources
  • oral healthcare training for caregivers of the elderly
  • NZDA product endorsement scheme
  • local brushing projects
  • video resources

The NZDA also provides a Complaints Resolution Service for its members and their patients.